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Two divisions in the Treasury Department are involved with several types of claims, but in different capacities. The Division of Claims Administration was created to provide an administrative claims process for the potential resolution of claims without the need for litigation.

The Tennessee Claims Commission Clerk’s Office provides administrative support to the Claims Commission, which is a tribunal (court). The Claims Commission was created to hear those claims that are not resolved at the Division of Claim Administration within a time frame set by statute and to hear appeals of decisions rendered by the Division of Claims Administration.

The Division of Claims Administration provides an administrative claim process for the following types of claims:

• Certain negligence claims against the State (Tort liability claims)
• State employee workers’ compensation claims
Criminal Injury Compensation claims
Sexual Assault Forensic Exam (SAFE) claims
Electronic Monitoring Indigency Fund claims
• Teacher's Liability Coverage

To initiate any tort liability claim, a criminal injury compensation claim or a SAFE claim, you need to file notice of claim with the Division of Claims Administration. State employees who are injured on the job file for workers’ compensation with the Division of Claims Administration’s third party administrator, which is currently Corvel. Additional information for each of these claim processes can be found by going to the links for each claim program.

For more information on the other types of claims that are initiated directly with the Tennessee Claims Commission as opposed to the Division of Claims Administration, refer to the Tennessee Claims Commission site.



Any individuals with disabilities who wish to participate in these proceedings should contact the
Division of Claims to discuss any auxiliary aids or services needed to facilitate such
participation. Such contact may be in person, by writing, telephonically, or otherwise, and should
be made no less than three (3) days prior to the scheduled meeting date, to allow time for the
Division of Claims to provide such aids or services. The address for the Division of Claims is:

502 Deaderick Street, 15th Floor, Andrew Jackson
Building, Nashville, TN 37243. The phone number
for the Division of Claims is (615) 741-2734