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  • Enrollment Steps
  • For State of Tennessee Employees
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Empower serves as record keeper and provider of communication services for the program under the oversight of the State of Tennessee Treasury Department. Empower-retirement does not hold or invest your deferrals. Your deferrals are wired immediately to the companies you have selected from those that the state has authorized to provide investment products for the program.

Important! Read the plan description before you enroll.


If you are eligible to enroll in the Program but have not done so, take advantage of this benefit!

State employees can enroll online or by completing this enrollment form and mailing to the address on the form.

To enroll online:

You may have already received an invitation by mail to enroll from Empower which includes your Personal Identification Number (PIN). If so, use your Social Security Number and this PIN to log in to your account at

If you do not have a PIN and wish to enroll online, call Empower 1-800-922-7772 to request a temporary PIN. It’s easy and just takes a few minutes!

Once you login you can choose your contribution amount, select your investments, and name your beneficiary.

Complete the 401(k) / 457 Enrollment form and Mail to:

Empower Retirement Services
545 Mainstream Drive Suite 407
Nashville, TN 37228

Or as instructed by yourBenefits Office