Media Contact: Shelli King

Families save $100 million for college through TNStars

State Treasurer David H. Lillard, Jr. is proud to announce that families have saved $100 million for college through the TNStars College Savings 529 Plan. A program of the Tennessee Treasury Department, TNStars was launched in 2012.
To celebrate this milestone, the college savings program is offering an incentive of $100 for Tennesseans with 529 accounts in other states to rollover their balances and come home to TNStars. Residents can rollover or start new accounts at
“As State Treasurer, I want to ensure Tennesseans have the best opportunities to save for their future,” said Treasurer Lillard. “I’m so proud of the resource TNStars provides to families as they prepare for the costs of higher education.”

Contributions and earnings from 529 accounts can be accessed tax-free to pay for higher education expenses. TNStars accounts can be used to pay for tuition & fees, books, room & board, computers, office supplies, and more qualified items. Not limited only to schools in Tennessee, the investment can be applied to any qualified institution of higher education that accepts federal financial aid. Tennesseans can enroll in the TNStars directly at

Top ranked for investment performance by, TNStars consistently delivers quality returns for its participants. True to the program’s mission, TNStars provides Tennessee families with the highest-quality option to save for college at a low cost.