Media Contact: Shelli King

Governor Haslam and Three Tennessee Schools Honored by Tennessee Financial Literacy Commission 

Media Contact: Shelli King

Governor Haslam and Three Tennessee Schools Honored by
Tennessee Financial Literacy Commission 

Nashville, TN - Yesterday, leaders from across the state joined the Tennessee Financial Literacy Commission (TNFLC) at the State Capitol to celebrate the impact of financial education in Tennessee and honor the supporters who are making it possible. State Treasurer David H. Lillard, Jr., who serves as Chair of the TNFLC Board, was joined by Governor Bill Haslam, Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally, Speaker Beth Harwell, legislators, and business leaders for the event.

The evening was a celebration of the overall achievements of the Tennessee Financial Literacy Commission. Under the direction of Treasurer Lillard and Director Bill Parker, the TNFLC has helped Tennessee K-8 students in 148 schools across the state complete 28,315 hours of online financial education modules. After utilizing the online learning platform, students have increased their scores by an average of 36% per child.

Treasurer Lillard and the Financial Literacy Commission presented the Champion of Financial Literacy Award to Governor Bill Haslam. Governor Haslam’s leadership and support have paved the way for the Tennessee Financial Literacy Commission to train more than 4,200 Tennessee teachers and educate more than 19,000 Tennessee students through Vault-Understanding Money, an online interactive financial literacy program used in classrooms throughout the state.

“This work gets to the heart of so many things we need to be teaching our citizens, including those at early ages,” Haslam said. “The principles behind financial literacy are important for our children to learn and to carry with them in life.”

The Commission also presented the 2018 Leadership Award to a school from each Grand Division for their efforts to advance financial literacy education in their classrooms.

Principal Travis Hurley and fifth-grade teacher Christy Malone accepted the Leadership Award for East Side Elementary in Elizabethton. Mrs. Malone, who has a passion for bringing financial education to life for her students, has also served as the Vice Chair of the TNFLC Board since 2010.

The Leadership Award for Middle Tennessee was presented to Thomas Magnet School in Shelbyville and accepted by teacher Rachel Grijalva. After attending a TNFLC educator training session, Mrs. Grijalva began incorporating financial literacy into her classroom lessons immediately.

“Through the use of the Vault program in my building, I believe that we are planting a small seed of the understanding of financial responsibility at the elementary level… I appreciate Treasurer Lillard and the TN Financial Literacy Commission for making the Vault - Understanding Money program available to elementary students in Tennessee,” said Mrs. Grijalva.

Delano Optional School in Memphis received the TNFLC Leadership Award for West Tennessee, accepted by Principal Patrice Shipp and teacher Will Miller.

The Tennessee Financial Literacy Commission is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that relies on donations from individuals and businesses for a majority of its funding. 

About the Tennessee Financial Literacy Commission:
The Tennessee Financial Literacy Commission was created to equip Tennesseans to make sound financial decisions in regard to planning, saving, and investing. The Commission has the goal to reach every K-8 classroom in Tennessee, providing financial literacy resources like Vault and the nationally recognized Financial Fitness for Life curriculum. The TNFLC provides both of these resources, including training, free to Tennessee K-8 schools.