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2017 Treasurer's Report


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Created as a legislative oversight committee, the Council on Pensions and Insurance develops, recommends and establishes pension and retirement standards and maintains a progressive state policy on retirement. Additionally, the Council reviews legislation affecting state-provided insurance programs for both active and retired members of the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System.

The Council periodically reviews Tennessee’s retirement and state-provided insurance provisions and recommends changes in state law as deemed necessary. Since its creation, the Council has continuously performed studies and comparisons of other pension systems, including those of other states, private industry and the federal government’s Social Security program. All proposed legislation affecting Tennessee’s retirement laws must be reviewed by the Council before the legislature may take action. The Council is authorized to prepare and propose amendments which are then forwarded to the standing committees. Information regarding the actuarial cost or impact of proposed legislation is provided by the Council to the other members of the legislature. The staff of the TCRS director also serves as staff to the Council.

The voting membership of the Council consists of the Speaker of each house of the General Assembly; the officers of the House and the Senate Committees on Finance, Ways and Means; and three additional members of each finance committee. The Speaker of the Senate may designate a member of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives may designate a member of the House to serve as alternates to vote or otherwise act at Council meetings in absence of the respective speaker. Nonvoting members include the Commissioner of Human Resources, the Commissioner of Finance and Administration, the Comptroller of the Treasury, the State Treasurer and the Director of TCRS.

Randy McNally
Lieutenant Governor
Randy McNally

Speaker of the Senate
Todd Gardenhire
Senator Todd Gardenhire

Thelma Harper
Senator Thelma Harper

Mark Norris
Senator Mark Norris

Doug Overbey
Senator Doug Overbey
Finance, Ways and Means
Second Vice-Chair
John Stevens
Senator John Stevens
Finance, Ways and Means
First Vice-Chair
Jim Tracy
Senator Jim Tracy

Speaker's Designee

Bo Watson
Senator Bo Watson
Council Co-Chair
Finance, Ways and Means Chair



Speaker Beth Harwell
Speaker Beth Harwell
House of Representatives

Kevin Brooks
Representative Kevin Brooks
Finance, Ways and Means
Kent Calfee
Representative Kent Calfee
Speaker's Designee

Karen Camper
Representative Karen Camper

Craig Fitzhugh
Representative Craig Fitzhugh

Gerald McCormick
Representative Gerald McCormick
Finance, Ways and Means
Sub-Committee Chair

Steve McDaniel
Representative Steve McDaniel

Charles Sargent
Representative Charles Sargent
Council Chair
Finance, Ways & Means Chair













David H. Lillard
David H. Lillard, Jr.
State Treasurer
Jamie Wayman
Jamie Wayman
TCRS Director
Justin Wilson
Justin Wilson
Comptroller of the Treasury
Rebecca Hunter
Rebecca Hunter

Commissioner of
Human Resources
Larry  Martin
Larry Martin
Commissioner of
Finance and Administration